Casino payment methods

When looking at casino banking options, basic criteria include the speed with which the money become available at players account, security and options of withdrawal. If you are just about to choose your new payment option or transferring money to your account for the first time, this article will explain you everything that could have influence your decision. The main casino payment methods are described below.

The best payment methods for online casinos

Online casinos sometimes offer their customers over 40 individual payment methods. They can choose from credit cards, eWallets or prepaid services such as the Paysafecard. Which banking method customers choose depends primarily on their personal needs.

That’s the only reason why the selection is so wide. Casinos want to make sure that players fill the balance account with their favorite option. Basically, almost all of the payment options offered are secure and reliable. Nevertheless, credit cards and PayPal are recommended thanks to external security audits.

The former eBay subsidiary PayPal is our top recommendation. The transactions are very easy – the fee for buyer protection is paid by the casino providers! If customers feel cheated, they can easily contact customer support and apply for a review of their complaint.

If it turns out that the online casino has acted in a manipulative manner, the amount deposited will be refunded immediately. However, fraud cases are excluded with the officially regulated and licensed casino sites today!

Bar in mind that not every online casino has an official agreement with PayPal. If players do not have a credit card, we recommend the Paysafecard. With this option, the desired amount can not only be transferred instantly. Players can also see exactly how much money they are spending on their hobby. Customers who have been using debit card, Skrill or Neteller for many years are naturally required to stick to their preferred payment method.

Additional bonuses and promotions

The casino providers always make every effort to cater to their customers. New players benefit from extensive bonus programs, secure multiple deposit percentages and advantage of weekly or at least monthly promotions.

Online casinos go even one step further with the various payment options. Regardless of the welcome package, additional bonus percentage can be gained when customers fill their bankroll with specific deposit methods. Even if a manageable, 2.5 percent may be credited extra: we can only recommend that you check the banking variants offered for other promotions.

Paypal Casinos occasionally offer 100% match on deposits with the eWallet service provider. As each online casino presents its own bonus programs, our test reports contain detailed information about the free credit of the respective gambling companies.

Safe banking options

Especially for new players it may be unclear at first whether it is worthwhile to transfer money to an online casino at all. Internet gambling industry did not have the best reputation, especially in XXI century.

Meanwhile, the wheat has been separated from the chaff. All renowned providers are subjected to regular audits by independent institutes. All of them are state-regulated and comply with the strict UK directives. Transactions are therefore conducted confidentially and transparently. Third parties have no access to the data, the funds are stored securely. Apart from the classic bank transfer, players account is topped up with the desired amount within a few seconds. The first game can begin immediately!

However, payouts are a bit more complicated. Especially when new customers are dealing with wagering conditions for bonuses and promotions. The bonus terms determine how often a free amount of money received must be wagered into the balance before a withdrawal can be made.

Therefore, inexperienced players should not immediately start from fraud or rip-offs if they are not yet able to request payment of their winnings. Once they have fulfilled the wagering requirements, they will be happy to receive a bank transfer after about two to five working days. In some cases, a payment can only be made using the same method as a deposit. Exceptions naturally confirm the rule!

How to deposit with a mobile phone or tablet

Since online casinos have opened up to the mobile market, it has never been easier to enjoy modern gambling. Players can simply grab their mobile phone, log into their user account and look at about 100 to 200 converted games for the smaller screens. Of course, they also want to make deposits via mobile.

In most cases it is sufficient to click on the corresponding tab and select the desired payment method. The functionality is identical to the transactions on the desktop, and initiated just as quickly. Only the appearance needs getting used to at the first glance. Once the money has been placed, players will be able to access the roulette, slots, blackjack or live dealer games!

Most popular payment options

One of the main criteria selecting a good online casino should be the payment options provided. Not only is it important for a casino to offer as many of them as possible, they should also be safe, secure and widely available. While funding your account is easy, there are some essential things you need to know before actually starting to deposit. This guide will explain to you how all popular forms of casino payment options work.

  • Credit cards¬†are the most commonly used method of payment at online casinos. They may include VISA, MasterCard or other providers. Most people prefer them because they are fast, secure and reliable. Some customers are still afraid to give away their credit card information, but these concerns are unfounded.
  • Neteller is one of the biggest e-wallets available. The huge majority of online casinos offer this method because it’s trusted and well-respected for several years. It is fast, secure and very easy to use. All you need to do is to add money into your Neteller account, and from there deposit at your favorite online casino. Many people prefer this option because you don’t need to share your credit card or bank account information with the casino itself. You can deposit to Neteller with credit card, bank transfer, check and even pre-paid cards.
  • Wire Transfer or regular bank transfer is another option online casinos offer. Some people on the other hand might feel insecure about revealing bank account information to online casinos. But like in the case of credit cards, this payment option is also perfectly safe and risk-free. Its huge advantage is you don’t need to use any kind of third party solution. One of its main disadvantages on the other hand is that banks usually charge relatively high for these transfers.
  • Pre-Paid Cards (PaysafeCard) – it is possible to fund your online casino account using pre-paid cards. If you wonder how this is possible, here is the explanation. Simply, you go to a local store and buy one of these cards for real money. The card will contain a code you will have to introduce to the online casino. Their advantage is that you don’t need to reveal your private information neither to the online casino or the place you bought the card. Your dream of gambling online totally anonymous becomes a reality.


Many people ask if it’s safe to deposit to online casinos. The answer is a definite yes. The majority of online casinos have been independently reviewed and tested. They are also in compliance with the laws and regulations of their host countries. National Governments usually investigate every online casino based in their country and close down the ones which don’t respect the prescribed security standards.

But there are also online casinos that operate in parts of the world where security measures are inadequate or even non-existent. When playing you should avoid these at all costs. The casinos we recommend on our site are all following the highest security standards. They are licensed and have been independently reviewed by several safety organizations.