PayPal casino

PayPal is today one of the most popular casino payment processors available. A large number of PayPal casino online transactions are carried out due to the rapidity of transfers and the safety of assets. In short, PayPal is the biggest and safest casino payment processor on the planet.

The great thing about the company is the fact that it also collaborates with a large number of online casino sites. This means that players can use this payment processor to make deposits and withdrawals at their favorite online casino, poker or sports betting operator.

  • PayPal is the most secure deposit method for Online Casinos
  • All PayPal Casinos are properly regulated and reputable
  • Only Deposit & Withdraw using PayPal to be guaranteed the quickest transfers

Online Casinos that Accept PayPal

It’s not a big secret that PayPal is for many years now collaborating with a large number of online casino sites. The online casino business is very large and generates a lot of revenue for operators. Since most players dislike using their personal bank or credit card details to transfer money to an online casino, there’s a lot of money to be made by third party payment processors that are willing to carry out online casino related transactions.

PayPal was one of the first payment processors to accept online casino payments. However, since the company is a mainstream and well-respected payment processor it cannot afford to cooperate with shady businesses such as fraudulent online casinos. For this reason the company only works with legitimate online casino sites that have a valid license issued in a reputable country.

But PayPal is also forced by the law to only work with legitimate online casino sites. For this reason a PayPal casino can always considered to be legitimate and safe. Before the payment processor accepts to process payments for an online casino, the online casino in question will have to prove that it’s a legitimate and licensed online gaming operator.

Online casinos that accept PayPal for deposits are known to be the best in the business. The processor would never risk doing business with a fraudulent operator. Just one case of fraud or money lost at an online casino that allows PayPal deposits would irreparably damage the payment processor’s reputation.

To help you figure out which online casinos accept PayPal we created the list you can see on this page. Obviously all online casino sites listed here are licensed, since otherwise the processor would have refused doing business with them. Apart from this, we also believe that the listed online casinos offer above average services and attractive bonus deals.

Real Money Deposit at Casino with PayPal

It’s extremely easy to make a real money deposit at online casinos with PayPal. We’ve created a short guide below to those who haven’t yet had the chance to use this payment processor.

  • First: Create a PayPal account. Skip this step if you already have an account. In case you don’t have an account, all you have to do is create one which is a process that lasts just a few minutes. You should choose the “Personal” account type when creating a new account. On the registration page enter your accurate personal details such as name, address etc. The payment processor will later ask you to verify your account in case you’ll need a withdrawal.
  • Second: Add banking details and validate your account. In order to process deposits and withdrawals all you have to do is add a credit card or bank account to your account. After this, the payment processor usually charges your card a or requests you to make a very small bank account deposit. Then on your bank statement you’ll see a code that will have to be entered on a special page on PayPal. This will tell the payment processor that you are indeed the owner of the credit card/bank account.
  • Third: Register at a PayPal online casino. Just register at an online casino that accepts PayPal deposits the same way you would register at any other online casino. Remember to use your accurate personal details such as name and address during this process because the casino might later on ask you to verify your identity. A PayPal casino might have seemingly complicated registration forms but this is only because PayPal casinos are legal gaming sites and are required by the law to collect certain data from new players.
  • Fourth: Go to the Cashier page and make a deposit. Now access the cashier page of your online casino. Here, select PayPal as depositing tool. After this, the casino will ask you to enter the amount you wish to deposit as well as to submit the email address you used when you registered at the processor. After all this is done, you will be prompted to a page that will request you to enter your PayPal password. Doing this is completely safe because you are on a page that belongs to the payment processor and not the online casino.

And that’s all. Once all these are done your money will immediately appear in your online casino cashier.

Advantages of PayPal Casinos

Below you’ll find the main reasons why you as an online casino player should be using PayPal to make deposits and request withdrawals.
As we stated above, PayPal is the largest online payment processor available today. The company managed to achieve this status by offering top-of-the-line services to its clients. The processor is known to be extremely safe and having high standards in regards to account and asset security.

Fast speed and top-notch quality

PayPal users know that transactions carried out using this payment processor are instant. This means that if you make a deposit at an online casino using PayPal, the deposited money will instantaneously appear in your player account. You won’t have to wait minutes or hours until the money arrives.

Some other payment processors require a few minutes and even hours to carry out the transaction you’ve requested. This is especially true when it comes to withdrawals. A lot of online casino players use to mail us and complain that the online casino they signed up at hasn’t sent them their withdrawal for days. The reason for this was that those players used lesser known payment processors.

Would they have used PayPal to withdraw their online casino winnings, they would have received their money within a very short time frame. This is why we highly recommend this payment processor when it comes to withdrawals. Almost no other payment processor can ensure the same fast transaction speeds as PayPal.

Maximum safety and security

Have you ever heard of someone being scammed by PayPal? Of course not since PayPal is the safest payment processor on the planet. The company has multiple security standards in place that prevent any kinds of frauds from taking place. The most important feature of this kind is its dispute resolution center.

In case you aren’t sure about disclosing your banking details such as credit card and bank account information to online casinos, then making an online casino deposit with PayPal is the best solution. This way only the payment processor alone will know about your private banking details.

Completely anonymous

Possibly one of the biggest advantages of using this payment processor for depositing money at online casinos is anonymity. If you don’t want your bank or other people who have access to your bank account to know that you made a deposit at an online casino then all you have to do is to deposit using PayPal.

The big problem with making a deposit at an online casino with credit cards and bank accounts is that your bank account or credit card statement will list the final recipient of the money. However this problem can be solved using PayPal.

When making a PayPal deposit, the money you deposit will first be transferred from your bank or credit card to your payment processor account. This means that on your bank statement or credit card statement it will only say that you made a deposit to your electronic wallet . What happened to the money after it reached the payment processor will not be revealed.

Is it Legal to Use PayPal for Online Casino Payments?

It’s definitely legal to deposit money using PayPal at online casino sites. The payment processor has a close relationship with many legitimate online casino sites because legitimate online casinos never pose a threat to players.

Additionally, like explained above, a PayPal casino is always a legal online casino. So, if you ever wondered what’s the simplest way of telling which casinos are legal or not, then checking if PayPal is available is the answer. Like said, PayPal casinos are always legal because the payment processor is obliged by the law to only collaborate with legitimate companies.

The legality online gambling itself however depends on the online gambling laws of the country you’re living in. In case online casinos are legal, then of course making a real money deposit using PayPal is legal as well. In case online casinos are not regulated – and there are no laws saying that they are illegal – then likewise, you are perfectly safe.