Casino software

Software is every online casino’s framework. It’s the program under which each game functions. The software can make the difference between a good or bad casino. You should always make sure you only play at casinos with certified and independently reviewed software. This guide will explain to you what main criteria you should check out and which software are proven to be perfectly safe on the market.

How to review slots software?


The things you can quickly look up yourself are graphics, sound and gameplay. If you stumble upon a casino with poor and cartoony animations you can be sure other more important things might also be wrong. But let’s admit it, if you don’t like the graphics no matter how good the games themselves are, you simply just won’t enjoy playing there.


Sound is also a very important aspect. It can create a truly casino like atmosphere right in your home. The sound effects should be diverse, realistic and unique to each individual game. But more importantly the casino should provide the option to customize them yourself. Sometimes you may want to turn them off. Or you simply don’t like the default ones and then you should be able to choose different alternatives.


The gameplay is actually the most essential thing to look at. If the interfaces are difficult to understand, if you find it hard to navigate, then this is a potential hindrance to completely enjoy the game. Sometimes during games you will be confronted with situations which require fast action, but if the gameplay isn’t intuitive enough it might ruin your entire play – and cost you real money! Make sure each game is simple, elegantly looking and easy to use.

Now you may think – “So far so good, but what about security? How do I check this?”

Casino software fairness

Well, there isn’t really a way for you to directly look up these things. But you don’t need to be concerned. Big and respected online casinos have their gaming software always independently tested and reviewed. There are several organizations specialized in casino safety and software reliability verification.

The leading independent testers are eCOGRA, Gaming Laboratoties and Certified Fair Gambling. They are also accepted by some national governments as legitimate online casino software certifying bodies. You can be sure each casino which has the seal of one of these organizations is 100% reliable and secure.

But what do these organizations look at? How do they decide which software or casino is legitimate? – They verify the coding of the software. They check if the random number generator results – which determine if you win or lose – are indeed random and if they hold up to the stated odds of each game.

What if the casino tampers with the software itself? No, this is never going to happen. The majority of online casinos receive their software from third party providers. It would be an incredibly huge risk for any casino to tamper with the software because if discovered, they might face copyright infringement fines up to several million dollars and possible closure by national governments.

There are many online casino software providers on the market. But there are some which are clearly the best in every field. Below we’ll show you which casino software are the greatest you can find.

Best online casino software


Playtech is by far the biggest casino software provider on the market. The majority of most successful casinos use their software because it’s reliable, excels in graphics and sound, and offers the best gameplay. Playtech is involved everywhere – casino, bingo, poker, skill games, you name it. If you see a casino using the Playtech software, you can be absolutely sure it’s 100% safe and a great pleasure to play at.


This company is one of the oldest in the industry. Established in 1994, Microgaming is a pioneer in software development and innovation. They are mainly focused on providing slots, and you can be sure their offerings are all top-notch. Microgaming usually releases monthly updates and several new games. This only shows its dedication and professionalism.

Other important software you should be looking at are NetEnt, Novomatic, and Skill On Net. All of these are certified, and while not being the biggest on the market they still perform extremely well in all aspects.

The majority of online casinos we recommend use the software mentioned above. Each one of them is certified and gets periodically verified by independent testers. But there are some casinos that prefer to use their own software instead. Usually you should be suspicions when you come across one of these. However, they are exceptions like famous brand PartyGaming which, despite using his own software is known to be perfectly safe and secure.

Keep in mind the information you learned in this guide and also check out the casinos we recommend. Knowing these things will ensure you only play at the most respected and secure casinos on the internet.