Casino bonus

Who has the best online casino bonus? How do you recognize such a bonus – does it depend on free spins or bonus money? Right at the start in the online casino world you will be offered some very lucrative welcome bonus promotions. But are these even worth it? What do fair bonus conditions look like? We will show you!

Not only do we have the best online casino bonus offers for you, but we also have instructions. This guarantees that no more spectacular bonuses will be lost. By the way: We also have exclusive casino bonus offers for new players – you can get them ONLY HERE at!

Best Casino Bonus

Among these top offers are only absolutely serious online casino bonus promotions. When making your choice, we pay attention not only to the amount of bonus money or the amount of free spins, but also to bonus conditions, game portfolio and co. Only those who are really well-positioned in each area will make it to the top with us!

What casino bonus offers are available?

There are many different types of casino bonus offers for new players. In short: not all bonuses are the same. All new players have a wide range of bonus offers at their disposal, some of which are really mega good. In this article we will show you which ones are currently available and where you can get them.

Basically there are the following casino bonus offers for new players:

  • Casino Bonus with deposit
  • Casino bonus without deposit
  • Exclusive casino bonus

Our casino experiences show: All online casino bonus types have one thing in common. They are subject to certain turnover conditions. This means that certain rules must be observed to make winnings from a casino bonus payable. We will show you a little later in the text what these rules are.

Casino bonus with deposit

The casino bonus with deposit is the classic welcome bonus. Here, new customers are requested to deposit a minimum amount after opening an account. As a thank you, you will be credited with a real money bonus. The amount of the bonus is based on the first deposit on the one hand, and on the percentage increase in the promotion on the other.

In addition to such a casino bonus offer there can also be free spins. This means that you not only receive bonus money, but also free spins. The Free Spins are valid for certain slots or also for specified game manufacturers. Both the bonus money and the free spins are subject to their own turnover conditions

Casino bonus without deposit

Particularly generous online casinos give new customers a bonus for registration without deposit. This bonus can for example be a free bonus in the form of credits. Another form of this is free spins without deposit, which in many cases are also automatically credited for registration.

Without deposit literally means that as a customer you do not have to deposit any money to receive a bonus. All that is needed is to sign up or register and the bonus money is available. On the one hand, it is important to note that free money is often subject to its own bonus conditions, which may differ from those of the deposit bonus.

Existing customers also receive free starting credits or free spins without making a deposit. Here, it depends above all on whether you have VIP status, for example. According to our casino experience, customers who play a lot get regular bonuses without deposit as well as free spins on their account.

Exclusive Casino Bonus offers

Again and again you will find so-called exclusive welcome bonus campaigns. We offer these in cooperation with the Casino. That means: We have negotiated this bonus especially for you. If you want to take advantage of this bonus, you must go to the online casino via our link. Only then is it guaranteed that the exclusive new customer bonus can really be activated.

This is just a selection of all the exclusive casino bonus promotions that we have for you. We are constantly expanding the complete list of exclusive promotions. It is important that all new players really do collect an outstanding bonus.

Why are there exclusive new customer bonus campaigns?

If we have negotiated an exclusive bonus, it has clear advantages over the classic casino welcome bonus. This can be, for example, that the minimum deposit is lower. Or the bonus amount is better or the turnover frequency is lower.

The exclusive new customer bonus promotions work from time to time with a bonus code. This means that you do not only have to register with the casino through us. You also have to enter a special bonus code. Our casino experiences show that the indication of the code always works very simply.

Free spins as casino bonus offers

If you want to get a new customer bonus, you don’t always just get a real money casino bonus. It is also possible that the bonus is granted in the form of additional free spins. This means, for example, that after your first deposit you will receive 100 free spins for one or more slots. Sometimes these bonuses, also known as Free Spins, can be used without casino game restrictions.

Live Casino Bonus offers

There are always special Live Casino bonus offers for new customers. However, these are very rare, so you have to be quick if you want to take advantage of them. The most important thing is that you pay attention to the sales conditions. Because in contrast to classic deposit bonuses, Live Casino Bonus offers are linked to higher conditions. As a rule, you have to wager the bonus 70 times – i.e. about twice as often as a classic deposit bonus.

The other conditions of a Live Casino Bonus offer are similar. There is a minimum deposit and a period in which the bonus must be wagered. It is also specified to which Live Casino games the bonus may be applied.

All eyes on casino bonus conditions

If you get a welcome bonus, your deposit will be upgraded by a certain percentage. It is common practice that a real money deposit of, for example, €100 is upgraded by 100% bonus. This means that in addition to the deposit you will receive another €100, which will be credited to your account as bonus money.

This casino bonus money is now ready to play. However, wagering conditions apply. These must be fulfilled in order to be able to withdraw winnings later. The wagering requirements vary from casino to casino. They specify what can be played and how often the casino bonus must be wagered. Basically they include the following points:

  • The amount of the minimum deposit to activate the casino bonus: This is usually between 10 and 20€.
  • Maximum amount of the bonus that will be granted: A bonus is always awarded with a maximum amount. The casino sets an upper limit on the maximum amount of the bonus. You do not have to make use of this upper limit. For example, if you only deposit €10, you will still receive this value.
  • Number of bonus and deposit wagers before a payout is possible: The really decisive point whether a bonus is fair or not. For example, if you have to wager a 20€ bonus 40 times according to the wagering requirement, this means that you have to wager 40 x 20€ – i.e. 800€.
  • Time limit, how long a bonus is available after deposit: A bonus has a fixed term. Once the deposit has been made, which activates the bonus, it is available for a certain period of time. Usually 14 to 60 days.
  • Maximum amount of possible profit: sometimes the maximum profit that can be achieved with a bonus is fixed. Especially bonus promotions without deposit have a maximum profit. This is because if you hit the jackpot with a free bonus, the casino would run the risk of not being able to pay the winnings. For this reason there is a limit here.
  • Allowed payment methods: Skrill, Neteller & Paysafecard are usually excluded from casino bonus promotions. Alternatively, however, you can deposit with credit cards, Trustly or bank transfer.
  • Permitted countries: not every bonus is available to all German-speaking players. Sometimes the bonus offers we list here are not available to players from Austria or Switzerland.

It is also important to know which games are approved for the implementation of the bonus, or to what extent they contribute. While slots almost always contribute fully, the situation is quite different for table and card games such as roulette, black jack and Co.

It is therefore worthwhile to always keep an eye on the turnover conditions. In our casino tests we also show where the bonus is best implemented. In general, these are the online slots.

Special case bonus codes

Anyone who registers in an online casino also wants to claim the welcome bonus. Some gambling providers require you to enter a special bonus code before you make your first deposit. This code has very different names, such as voucher, coupon or promotion.

It is important to enter the bonus code in the appropriate field before you make your first deposit. This will activate the bonus, so that it is possible to pay out the bonus afterwards.

Can a casino bonus expire?

It is important with an online casino bonus that you keep an eye on how long it is valid. This is because every bonus has a time limit. So you have to wager the casino bonus within a certain time according to the conditions. Usually the time in which you have to wager a bonus is between 7 and 90 days.

Winnings, on the other hand, cannot usually be forfeited. So if you play through your casino bonus in accordance with the wagering requirements and make winnings, you can withdraw them or use them to play. In the general terms and conditions of casinos, however, there is usually a passage on the subject of “inactivity”. Anyone who does not play for a long time and does not log in (for example, for a year) will have their account blocked. However, winnings or credit balances on the account are still available for payout.

What happens if the turnover conditions are not met?

A casino bonus is always tied to wagering requirements. If you do not meet these, the bonus is forfeited. This means that the bonus money or free spins granted as well as the winnings from them become invalid. Our casino experience shows that the bonus conditions are always very transparent. Those who adhere to them will have no problems when playing through.

How does an online casino bonus work?

Getting a casino bonus is easy – at least if you stick to the best online gaming halls. Thanks to our selection and individual casino experience, you’ll get the best casino bonus promotions right away that are really worthwhile.

How to activate an online casino bonus:

  • Step 1: Register with the Online Casino through us
  • Step 2: Enter personal data, select user name
  • Step 3: Make a deposit
  • Step 4 : Play through the Casino Bonus

The individual steps are the same at almost all casinos. However, there are always small changes. For example, you have to select the bonus in advance. Some casino providers have two or sometimes three bonuses in stock. Then you have to select before the first deposit, which bonus you want to have. Only then is it possible to play with the bonus money.

It is also possible that you have to claim the casino bonus from the support. In this case, after opening a customer account, contact the casino support.

Very important: It is absolutely necessary to choose the way via us to the casino. Only then can you be sure that you really get the welcome bonus. This applies especially to exclusive bonus promotions for new customers.

What percentage bonuses are available for new players?

There are many bonus promotions. The most obvious difference between the casino bonus promotions is the appreciation of the first deposit. Here you can find everything from 100% bonuses to 600% casino bonus upgrades. What is really good here? How can you tell if it is a fair casino bonus? We show the best casino bonus promotions in the amount of the revaluation here.

100% Casino Bonus

The first deposit is revalued by 100%. This bonus is also known as a match bonus, as the casino matches the first deposit, i.e. pays out the same amount. So if you make a deposit of 100€, the online casino will credit you with another 100€ as a bonus. Such bonus promotions are usually provided with fair wagering conditions.

200% casino bonus

In this case, the first deposit is revalued by 200%. How this looks like, we show with the example of a 200% to 100€ bonus. The maximum bonus money you can receive is 100€. To take advantage of the full bonus, a deposit of 50€ is sufficient. Such promotions are of course practical, because you have to deposit much less to get a good bonus. As a rule, the wagering requirements here are somewhat higher compared to a 100% bonus.

300% casino bonus

Here the first deposit is tripled. This means that if you have it with a 300% to 300€ bonus, you can deposit 100€ and receive 300€ as a bonus. This is usually associated with higher turnover conditions. So you have to wager the bonus money more often in the casino before you can withdraw your winnings.

400% casino bonus

Rare but not impossible is a 400% casino bonus. For example, if it is a 400% to €100 bonus, you can already use the maximum bonus amount with a deposit of €25. Most of the time the maximum bonus is much higher. Because the online casinos naturally want to motivate a high deposit. Of course the turnover conditions are also significantly higher.

500% Casino Bonus and more

Almost not to be found are casino bonus promotions of more than 500%. Because here the first deposit is of course upgraded with an extremely high value. Such a casino bonus always has a very high turnover condition, because the casino protects itself against too high losses. If, for example, there is a 600% casino bonus and you only make a small deposit, but win a lot with the bonus, the casino would make a negative deal.

What we look for in a Casino Bonus

With the large selection of online casino bonus offers, it is not always easy to make the right choice. The online casinos listed here are 100% reputable and thoroughly tested by us. We use the following checklist when we analyse a casino for its bonus and its general offer:

  • The security and seriousness, recognisable for example by the licence
  • Payment options that address both deposits and withdrawals
  • Games that contribute to the revenue conditions – with most slot machines you are always on the safe side, but there are exceptions. These also include table and card games
  • Promotional period of the new customer bonus. Usually 30 days, but in some cases you have less time

Our tip: It can always be asked what is normal as a new player in an online casino. Especially when it comes to the topic of turnover conditions, not everything is always so clear. Here it is worth taking a look at the FAQ section or directly at the general terms and conditions.

The quickest way to find the answer is, however, clearly the customer service of the respective online casino. The employees can answer every question about casino bonus promotions. The best way to do this is usually the live chat, which is also available in the Casino App.

Online Casino Bonus FAQ

Can a casino bonus be used on all games?

In general yes, although many casinos have certain restrictions, especially when it comes to new customer bonuses. This means that you are not allowed to play some slots or even table games when converting the casino bonus. Alternatively, such games then do not contribute 100% to the implementation. We always give information about all bonus offers in our casino experience reports, whether games are excluded or how they are weighted.

Are free spins from one bonus available for all slots?

If you receive a free spins bonus, it is not always possible to apply it to all games. Often these are limited to certain slot machines. They are credited as soon as you have activated the bonus. You then open the slot you want to play – the Free Spins are then displayed directly there.

Is there a casino bonus for high rollers?

Yes, in fact, various casinos have welcome bonuses that are especially interesting for high rollers. These are basically either bonuses on the first deposit, which can be up to 1,000 or even 1,500 €. Alternatively, there are also casinos that give bonuses on the first three or four deposits. In the end, this results in a total bonus of up to €2,500 – as with LeoVegas for example.

Do I have to use a casino bonus?

Anyone who logs into an online casino is usually automatically assigned a bonus. However, you do not have to use this bonus. You can either communicate this via the support or you can indicate this when you make your first deposit.

Do I win real money with a casino bonus?

Actually you can win real money with a bonus. Our casino experience shows what you have to do to be able to withdraw your winnings. It does not matter whether you wager the bonus on slots, play poker or try your luck on roulette. What counts in the end is that you wager the casino bonus according to the conditions. If you succeed, you can have your winnings paid out as real money.