Mobile casino

Mobile casinos are online casino sites or applications created for portable devices. These casinos differ from traditional online casinos by the fact that they are optimized for touch screen phones and tablets usage, as well as smaller screen sizes.

First mobile casino websites were launched around 2010-2011 when smartphones started to become extremely popular. Users quickly realized that playing on mobile devices is much more comfortable and exciting than sitting on a chair and playing from a desktop computer.

Best mobile casinos features

Mobile gambling is extremely popular today and it’s believed that in just a few years vast majority of users would be playing on mobile devices rather than on desktop computers. For this reason we have evaluated a large number of casinos to determine which are the most suited for mobile gameplay.

This resulted in the toplist presented above. We believe that the mobile casinos listed there are the best ones at this moment in the business. Below you’ll find a complete description of how mobile casinos work, which will also help you understand how we constructed this toplist.

Play casino games on mobile

Mobile casinos and mobile games function the same as normal casino games. The only major difference is that when you play on a mobile device you will be able to control the gameplay by tapping on various areas of the screen.

In order to play casino games from a mobile device you will either have to download a casino app or access the mobile website of an online casino. There you just have to log into your casino account and launch a game just like you would do on desktop.

Browser Based Mobile Casinos & Apps

These are two kinds of mobile casinos on the market at this moment. The first category is of those mobile casino websites that have their own dedicated mobile website. These websites function the same as normal websites except that they were build specially for mobile devices.

The games on these mobile sites were also optimized for mobile usage and touch screen interfaces. In other words, when you play on such a website you won’t be playing at a traditional desktop casino that you just access from a mobile device but at a special mobile casino designed for mobile devices.

The second category is that of mobile casino apps. These casinos will have to be downloaded from the application store of your mobile OS provider and installed on your device. They function the same way any game application functions that you install on your phone or tablet.

iPhone Casinos

The most popular mobile casinos are iPhone casinos and iOS casinos. This is because at this moment iOS based devices are still the most popular mobile devices out there. A lot of online casinos will develop standalone iOS and iPhone apps for their mobile casinos rather that just providing a generic mobile website.

Android Casinos

Android is not far behind in the smartphone and tablet market battle and as such many online casinos have their native Android casino apps and websites. These apps make it easier for Android users to play casino games from their mobile devices.

Windows Phone Casinos

There aren’t that many Windows Phone casinos out there because of the smaller market share of this OS. However many new casinos are beginning to implement their own Windows Phone casino apps and websites in order to tap into this growing market.

Tablet Casinos

Mobile casino apps and websites work also on tablets. An increasing number of casino operators have recently began to develop standalone tablet apps such as iPad casino apps or Android tablet casino apps. Unlike their smartphone counterparts these tablet casinos and tablet casino games come with larger interfaces and more exciting graphical elements.

Mobile casino bonuses

In order to promote their mobile casino platforms and games, online gambling sites usually offer mobile casino bonuses. These bonuses are special offers for players that decide to play casino games from mobile devices.

These bonuses are awarded on top of the casinos’ normal bonuses, meaning that mobile players can get extra bonuses that are never available on casinos’ standard desktop platforms. So, if you have a mobile device and you want to sign up at an online casino it makes a lot of sense to do this from your mobile device.

Top list with mobile casinos

When we created the above displayed toplist we took into consideration the things described above as well as various other elements such as number of mobile games offered, quality of mobile casino games offered, availability and compatibility with various devices and much more.

We only listed those mobile casinos that have their own unique and special mobile platform and not just a simplified platform of their traditional desktop platform. It was also very important to find out which mobile gambling sites offer the largest number of games.

Naturally, we also looked at the quality of these games to make sure that the top casinos we listed only provide games with high-quality graphics and very user friendly interfaces. If you want to learn more about these casinos then check out the linked reviews above.