Slots bonus

HeySlots gives you chance to find the biggest and best slots bonuses online. The list below doesn’t only show the greatest promotions, it contains only the casinos that performed exceptional, are perfectly legit and offer good winning chances.

Casino players have it good. No other kind of online gambling is lavished with such great slots bonuses by casino operators. Get deposit bonus from time to time and very often extra spins as additional welcome slot promotion. As a fan of online machines, you can make optimum use of these bonuses and have the full selection at online casinos.

Slot welcome bonus

New players focus primarily on playing online slots can take full advantage of the best welcome bonuses from various providers. Restrictions in the bonus rules hardly apply to this type of game. For example, a slot machine player often releases his signup bonus within a few hours and then has unrestricted money access.

Some online casinos even go one step further and offer a separate slot bonus. Many operators give away extra spins in addition to the normal deposit bonus, which also means extra cash for slot machine players. At 888 Casino you can even collect 888 Pounds before making your first deposit – this free bonus is also easy to wager with slot games. Additionaly to the prominently advertised welcome bonuses, an exclusive slot machine signup bonus may also be available.

Passionate slot gamblers, new to an online casino may even be able to get an slot real money bonus without making a deposit. In this way fill up player account for the first time without making a transfer. Whether it’s a no deposit bonus or another registration bonus, new players should not miss this opportunity, as it won’t happen again and will be available to new users on a one-time basis.

All about best slot bonuses

Ambitious online slot players who are looking for a generous bonus will find an enormous number of slots promotions. This great luxury can sometimes become a headache, as the large selection makes it difficult for players to find the ideal slot bonus. The well-known proverb proves true: who has the choice, has the agony.

This raises the question of what exactly matters with a slot machine bonus. Especially when it comes to quite different bonus terms and conditions that are unique from casino to casino. Wagering requirements and other restrictions are not always advantageous for the player, so you have to differentiate.

Perhaps only a small percentage of slot machines will be counted towards the wagering requirements or there are other hurdles that stand in the way of their use. Anyone who studies the bonus conditions and also reads the small print, does not fall for any advertising promises that are severely restricted by the bonus conditions of the casino.

Promising online slot machine real money bonus terms should be read very carefully. Even if a provider of an online slot machine advertises bonus without deposit, he has no money to give away. Of course, a bonus slot machine without a deposit does not have to be a dubious offer, but as a player you should familiarize yourself with the general conditions in order to avoid any nasty surprises. Unfortunately, players look forward to a lucrative vending machine offer and do not receive it in the end, as they do not meet all the requirements stated in the small print.

Difference between the slot and roulette or blackjack bonuses

All those who have a weakness for online gambling and love the thrill of spinning reels on the internet, know about the variety of promotions and bonus campaigns. It is a matter of course for most players in the worldwide, that they are always searching for a rewarding casino bonus in order to secure themselves a generous discount. However, many people do not understand why it is necessary to differentiate between a slot bonus and a blackjack or roulette bonus.

In order to understand this, you have to know that the individual games are often considered separately within the bonus terms & conditions. While slot turnovers are generally fully credited, only a small percentage of roulette and blackjack are taken into account, unless they are completely excluded. The main difference is that a slot bonuses are usually 100% credited, which is rarely the case with roulette and blackjack games.

When should I not claim the bonus?

To forego an online slot real money bonus seems completely absurd at first sight. After all it is an interesting offer that can give you additional credit. Nevertheless, there may be situations where it makes sense to not claim a slot machine bonus. This is particularly the case if the promotion is accompanied by extremely high wagering requirements.

If you can foresee in advance, that you will not meet these requirements, you should immediately refrain from using the slot bonus. In this way you can often save yourself a lot of trouble. Anyone who is unlikely to meet the time limit or sales targets should therefore not claim a welcome promotion. In some cases, it may make sense to contact online casino support. Maybe there is an individual bonus, where conditions are more appealing.

Types of slot bonus offers

Many people wonder what slot bonuses are and don’t understand the reason online casinos have them. The answer is simple. Online casinos give out free money incentives to new, but also old players in order to attract them to sign up or stay at the casino. While in most of the cases you’ll be required to make a deposit to receive a bonus, the amount given can be very attractive.

Profiting from slots bonuses is very important. With the extra money received you’ll have the chance to play many games virtually for free. And the winnings you earn all belong to you, even if you won them by playing with the received bonus money.

There are many types of online casino bonuses. It’s essential you understand them all before you actually make a deposit. Below you’ll find a list and description about the most common slot promotions.

1. Match slot bonus

The online slot match bonus is also called “Welcome Bonus”. It’s because this is the first bonus you’ll receive from an online casino. Usually this offer is the most interesting and the biggest.

It’s called match bonus because the free money received will match your deposit taking in consideration some criteria. Let us elaborate. The most common offer is the 100% match bonus. This means that you’ll receive twice as much money than you’ve been paying for. Most casinos may have an upper limit for this, but it’s usually in the thousands. So let’s say you deposit GBP 1000, you’ll get another 1000 Pounds for free. But commonly it’s much-much bigger!

2. Reload slot bonus

The reload bonus is referring to the free money received for your additional deposits. This may come in many variations. Some casinos will offer a certain sum of money for your second, third, fourth and even fifth deposit. This is usually somewhere between a few hundreds of dollars up to even one thousand.

But the best online casino may also offer a match bonus in these cases as well. This means you’ll have again the chance to multiply your money as much as you like. It’s not uncommon to see even a 100% match offer. Obviously this bonus won’t be that attractive than the welcome offer, but the great part is you can influence the amount of free money received yourself. So if you’re a high-roller you can earn several thousand again for free.

3. Referral slot bonus

The referral bonus is basically a no deposit bonus. It means you won’t have to cash in, in order to receive the free money. All you need to do is to convince your friends to sign up and deposit at the casino.

The usual amount of free money given out is between 25 and 50 Pounds. So you see if you invite a lot of buddies you may earn a huge amount of free cash. If there is a chance, you should always profit from this offer.

4. Special payment slot bonus

Online casinos offer many possibilities to deposit and withdraw money. They may include credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer and many more. Some of these have very high fees and therefore may not be that profitable for the casino.

In this situation the casino offers some extra money if you use the recommended payment solutions. You may get even up to 10% and 15% more money. Always carefully check the cashier page for this promotion when you want to deposit.

How to claim slot bonuses?

So you see there are two big bonus categories. The first is the deposit bonus and the second is the no deposit bonus. It’s obvious that the biggest rewards are in the case of the deposit bonuses. But you also saw that you may as well even double the amount of free money received if you choose the best casino.

No deposit bonuses on the other hand are very rare and don’t pay off that good. You’ll also be required to do something in order to receive them. The best example is the previously described refer-a-friend bonus. The money per invited friend may not be that much, but if you’re good at convincing people you may even earn up to several thousand, or even more. There is no limit.

Now you’re already pretty much ready to play. Above you’ll find the list of the online casinos that offer the greatest bonuses on the web. Check them out and don’t forget to read the reviews as well. They will give you a good picture about the casino and the nature of the promotions.

Have fun playing with your free money. If you are persistent and know some tricks, then you’ll certainly win big!