Cleopatra Plus slots

After the great success of Cleopatra, IGT presents you with the Cleopatra Plus Slot, a successor that brings you back to ancient Egypt. Experience the wealth of the pharaohs in this mysterious video slot. Of course, you too can share Cleopatra’s wealth and become the big winner. Dive into the world of Cleopatra Plus now!

Cleopatra Plus slot review

Cleopatra Plus is a classic video slot with five reels of three rows each. You can win on 40 different paylines. With a minimum bet of 0,40 € per shoot the slot can be started. The maximum bet allowed per round is 800 €. This makes this game also exciting for high rollers. Manufacturer IGT indicates the payout rate for the Cleopatra Plus Slot at 95%. This is a rather average value if you compare it with other slots.

Cleopatra Plus bonus spins

Like the IGT slot Wheel of Fortune on Tour, Cleopatra Plus also features the Level Up feature. This feature is primarily about collecting followers. If you spin bonus symbols, you will receive an additional follower. New bonus symbols are activated with additional followers. In addition, new features such as superspins or free play multipliers are unlocked on the level map.

Of course, the Cleopatra Plus slot also has a wild symbol. This replaces all other symbols with the exception of the scatter. If two Wilds in the base game contribute to a winning round, then that round’s win doubles.

The scatter symbol is represented by Cleopatra itself. If you rotate them three times, this activates the free play mode. In Free Play mode, you must select one of three locations on the Bonus Map. You can choose between Alexandria, the Nile Delta or the pyramids of Giza. However, some of these locations can only be selected at a higher level.

Then start five free spins where you can collect followers. After the free spins, the existing followers can be distributed on the bonus card. You can put all followers in one place or split the followers. After the followers have been split, prices are revealed behind each location. Here’s what there is to win:

  • Up to 30 free spins
  • One profit multiplier (up to 5x)
  • Cash prize (up to 30 times the stake)
  • Last Free Spin Multiplier (up to 50x)
  • Up to 10 Super Spins

Which prizes you win, and how high they are, depends on the game level you are in. The higher the level, the higher the prizes will be.

Important to mention is the fact that the Level Up feature includes a save function. This means that if you interrupt your game and then want to gamble again, you enter the level where you stopped. This is a big advantage, because all game successes are not lost.

Cleopatra Plus RTP is 95%

Cleopatra Plus mobile slot

IGT has also released a version of this slot for smartphones and tablets. The game can easily be accessed through the lobby of the mobile casino. The game can be started by clicking on the large yellow arrow on the left. If you want to customize bets, you can do so by clicking on the green menu arrow on the left.

Successor with high profits

Cleopatra Plus is a worthy successor to the great IGT success of Cleopatra. The graphic implementation is very similar. Maybe you could have been a little more innovative. However, the Level Up feature ensures that Cleopatra Plus Slot is guaranteed to provide long-term gaming fun.

The feature may sound a bit complicated to some of you at first. But if you’ve played the slot for a few rounds, the feature becomes understandable very quickly. The memory function also ensures that you do not have to restart a new round after the end of the game.19

Overall, the Cleopatra Plus Slot is an exciting and successful game, in which very high winnings can be achieved especially in the higher game levels. Unfortunately, our test showed that only a few casinos have included the new Cleopatra Slot in their program so far. As an alternative we recommend the very similar Book of Ra deluxe.