Dazzle Me slots

Slots in old-school design, but with new features are the current trend in the online casino scene. Of course, one of the largest manufacturers of casino games, NetEnt, also has the right answer to this trend. We’re proud to present Dazzle Me – an online slot that looks old-fashioned at first glance, but offers a host of cutting-edge gaming features. Dazzle Me games offer fun for every gambler in a precious gem design, accompanied by spicy, matching music. If you like slots in retro design in general, you should also have a look at Jackpot 6000 and Starburst from NetEnt.

Dazzle Me slot review

Dazzle Me consists of five reels and has 76 different paylines. Unlike most other slots, Dazzle Me does not have the same number of rows. The first two rollers each have only three rows. Reels three and four have four rows, and the fifth reel has five rows. The game can be played on ten different winning levels, with a minimum bet of 0.20 € required. A maximum of 200 € can be risked per shoot. As with almost all NetEnt slots, Dazzle Me features Auto Play and Max Bet.

Dazzle Me bonus spins

First of all, Dazzle Me has a game. The game has the shape of a diamond and, when it appears on a roller, expands over the entire roller. The game replaces all symbols except the freespin symbol, which brings us to the next feature.

If you spin three or more Free Spin symbols within a spin, Free Spin mode will start. There are eight free spins for three free play symbols. Four symbols give you twelve free spins and five symbols give you 16 free spins.

In Free Play mode, the Linked Wheel feature provides additional winning opportunities. The second roller copies the symbols from the first roller and the fourth roller copies the symbols from the third roller.

Dazzle Me RTP is 96.9%

Dazzle Me mobile slot

As befits a game of the latest NetEnt generation, you can also play in mobile casinos on Smartphone or Tablet Dazzle Me games. Once you have opened your account in your favorite casino, all you need to do is open the slot on your mobile browser.

The game switches to mobile mode and can easily be used on any device. In the mobile version, you can start shooting by clicking on the arrow on the right. The inserts can be varied in the menu, which can be opened at the bottom right.

Successful and not overloaded

With Dazzle Me, NetEnt has succeeded in combining classic slot design with modern, excellent gameplay. Dazzle Me is a slot with some additional functions, but is not overloaded with them. The free spins with the extra bonus features give the otherwise quite classic slot that certain extra. Players who are more into animated graphics and features will probably lose interest in Dazzle Me because the target audience is slightly different. Nevertheless, with Dazzle Me NetEnt has succeeded in bringing a good, fast and easy to understand slot game onto the market.